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1. The Members will respect the decisions of the Officers at all times. Officers orders must be obeyed to maintain order within the guild and during raids.

2. The Guild Leader and Officers will respect the opinions of the members at all times.

3. Bad mouthing ANY member or the guild itself in guildchat or on the boards is strictly forbidden. If you have any complains talk confront the player or talk to Guild Leader.

4. Cooperation between everyone in the guild is expected.

5. All Members are expected to treat their fellow guild Members with respect and dignity.

6. All Members should show respect toward other non-guild members.

7. New Members have to be approved by more than 2/3 of the Officers before recruited.

8. New Members have 14 a trial period and then have to be approved by the guild.the new member is the recruiting officers responcibility to follow up.

9. If any Members have complaints about the New member talk to an Officer or the Guild Leader.

10. No Officer is allowed to kick other Members without first consulting Guild Leader (if availible) or other Officers.

11. If anyone gets any complaints from other players let them talk to an Officer or the Guild Leader.

12. if youre member in DOD all youre toons have to be in DOD dont expect any mercy if not:-)

13. All Officers (Guild Leader too) are expected to plan at least 1 Raid/Event every month.

14. All Officers + Members (Guild Leader too) are expected to be a part of at least 1 Raid/Event every week (if in level range)

15. Grouping with fellow Members is always encouraged but not a must.

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